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June 19, 2017 0

Premium Credit Cards That Offer Premium Car Rental Benefits

Debit cards are also viewed as undesirable by the rental car companies as a proxy for "non-creditworthy renter" (whether fair or unfair). Using debit cards frequently come with many restrictions, if the rental car company will even accept the debit card at all! Without multiple forms of identification, large security deposits, and a successful credit check (among other provisions), the car renter with a debit card will likely be taking a taxi or Uber instead. A search for a one-way rental at is almost identical to searching for a round-trip rental. The only difference is selecting the option to Return at a different location. Looking for a Fort Lauderdale Airport to Orlando International Airport rental?
Leann Rimes bought a one-way ticket on a westbound train, to see how far she could go. Eventually, she might want to make a return trip back east! If she’s collected a lot of new possessions while out west, the cheapest option might be a one-way rental vehicle, where she rents a car at one location and returns at another. One-way rentals are fairly prevalent in the rental car industry.
One-way rentals are fairly prevalent in the rental car industry. Although once uncommon, almost all rental car companies are now equipped to handle one-way rentals! In fact, approximately one-eighth of all rentals are booked as one-ways!
Whether the reason is planned (such as a college student moving away with a number of possessions) or unplanned (such as a flight cancellation), there are many reasons to contemplate a one-way rental and we’re always happy to help!

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